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Producer, Writer & Director

profile pictureJoyia D. Bradley started acting at the age of 12. She has studied with many teachers in the states as well as London with the Royal National Theatre. In front of the curtain, she has portrayed Mr. Tumnus (The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe), Nurse (Romeo and Juliet), Constance (King John) and Adam and Phoebe (As You Like It) at regional theatres. She expanded her career with industrials, commercials both regional and national along with television and film.

In 2004, she opened her own production company, EB Productions. The first production, “Soul To Keep”, a one person tour-de-force, opened to rave reviews and played the festival circuit in New York City. She then moved onto film where she completed two silent shorts before tackling a documentary entitled, Equally Created, that dealt with the disparages of African American portrayal in the media versus reality. Black Woman, a satirical short, was her first endeavor where she wrote, directed, and produced. That was the start of EB Productions and she continues to move onward and upward.